Winter Solar Panel Maintenance And Why They Can’t Be Ignored This Winter

It has been bitterly cold this winter in the Midwest. We’ve been asked several times how to maintain your solar panels during snowfall, winter storms and other bleak days around St. Louis. You don’t have to be warm to care for your solar panels in winter. You can instead stay inside and rest assured that your solar energy system will perform well without any winter maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of solar panel maintenance and performance tips to address common cold-weather concerns and questions about roof-mounted solar systems and solar panels.

It snows

Snowfall is quite common and unpredictable. Missouri and Illinois. You can ignore snow that accumulates on your building. Solar panels are smooth so snow won’t stick as hard to them than it would to roof shingles. Your solar energy system will also be set up to receive the most sunlight. This allows snow to melt quickly and not need to be shoveled or removed.

Major Snow Events

If it snows a lot in St. Louis, and there is a lot of snow accumulation on your solar panels from the storms, we recommend that you hire a professional to remove it. In good weather, climbing onto rooftops can prove dangerous. If you live in Midwest blizzard conditions, it is important to take extra precautions when outside. EFS Energy will send out maintenance advice and updates in the event of major snowfalls via our solar newsletter as well our Facebook page. To stay informed on the latest news in the solar industry and important alerts relating to winter solar panel care and maintenance throughout the year, all you need to do is “like” the page. 

Solar Power Performance in Winter

Solar panels produce energy using light and not heat. Your solar panels can still produce energy no matter what temperature it is outside. Keep in mind that winter days are shorter so your system will produce less energy than it would during the longer summer days. You can also take care of winter solar panel maintenance, except for a major snowfall event. This is one of the great benefits of solar power. Your solar panels are easy to maintain all year. We are proud to design the best solar power solutions for Missourians, Illinoisans and others. Our dedicated team of experts work hard to ensure that your custom system is simple to manage at all stages of design, installation, or completion.

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