Top 10 Solar Tips To Save You More Money

Now is the time to maximize your investment in a solar system. Here are 10 ways to make the most of your solar power.

1. Your appliances should be used during the day

Although this may seem obvious, many people don’t make the most of daylight hours. You are consuming power by turning on appliances such as the washer, dryer, and dishwasher during the day. Bonus Tip: Make the most of the time you have because it’s free energy. Don’t load the dishwasher in the evening. Wait until the sun shines the next day to turn it on.

2. Stagger your consumption

You can try to spread your use throughout the day. Put the washer and dryer on at 11. This will prevent you from drawing from your grid and adding to the pesky bill.

3. Afternoon heat/cool

You can heat or cool your home during the last hours of daylight for no cost and avoid the evening peak energy rate.

4. Make sure to check for shade or debris

You should be aware of any shading issues and cut down any trees.

5. Get your panels cleaned

Your savings can be hampered by dirt, dust, and bird droppings. Any obstruction to your solar panels will reduce their production, which in turn will lower your electricity bill savings. It can be dangerous and difficult to climb onto your roof to clean your solar panels. Let us do it! A free system inspection is also provided while we are on-site. 

6. Use energy-efficient appliances

Switch to LEDs for your lights and invest in energy-efficient appliances to reduce your nighttime consumption and lower your bill.

7. Look around to find a better deal

Your solar will reduce your consumption but you will still be charged a supply charge from your energy retailer to provide power to your home. You can lower your bill by getting a lower supply charge. To offset your bill even further, you should also look for a good solar feed in tariff.

8. Add a battery

We recommend that you look at your bill to determine how many kWh are being exported. This will help you decide if a new battery is possible. A battery can help you maximize your solar power by allowing you to export approximately 12kWh per day into the grid. You can also have total protection against blackouts by adding a lithium-ion battery. 

9. Seasonal Changes

Seasons will affect the performance of your system. Your daily summer kWh production should be approximately 5.2x your System Size, and your daily winter production to be about 2.6x your System Size.

10. Monitor your system and monitor your usage

You can monitor your solar system to make sure it is working properly. An app will be available for most inverters that displays your system’s PV production. Your energy distributor can also provide information about your energy consumption. For Power or customers, you can monitor your usage and solar export through ‘myEnergy‘. This will give you an overview of your usage patterns and how your solar performs over the year.

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