Solar Energy In The United States

The sun is the most abundant source of renewable energy and it can be used to generate all of the energy we use. Solar energy is becoming more affordable and more efficient thanks to rapid technological advancements. This is why many people and businesses around the world want to make use of it. Solar energy is attractive to homeowners for many reasons. This type of energy can help you save a lot and make you completely independent from the public electricity grid. These solar panels are easy to set up and remove. Finally, many people like solar energy because this is an environmentally-friendly use of energy. People can save the environment by using solar energy as an alternative to other forms of energy.

Although the U.S. is not the largest producer of solar power in the world it is experiencing incredible growth over the last few years. Every year, more people are turning to solar energy. The US also has a long history of solar energy and California was the site of the first solar power plant in the world. The United States is a vast country that covers large areas and has different geographical and climate characteristics. The US has a large potential for solar energy because it is home to sunspots that shine more than 70% of all year. Solar energy collectors are more reliable due to the efficiency of the new solar energy solutions. Not to be forgotten are the many incentives offered by federal and local authorities to encourage this type of energy use. The Sun Shot Initiative and Solar America Initiative are two of the most well-known federal incentives. However, incentives are also offered by states and local authorities.

These incentives, along with increased awareness about the benefits of solar power have sparked increased interest in the subject, especially in states with great potential. Direct-owned systems are available in 14 states, with a payback period of less than ten years. These states include Arizona, California, New Mexico and New York. Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that requires California utilities to use at least 33% of solar energy by 2020. Louisiana offers a 50% tax credit of up to $12.000 on the installation and maintenance of solar systems. This incentive is also available for wind systems. New Hampshire offers a rebate program that can offset up to half of the system’s cost. Even states that didn’t express interest in solar energy are working to find a way to harness this alternative energy source with very few natural renewable sources. The future of solar energy is bright in the USA and homeowners who were skeptical about it in the past should take this into account now.

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