How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

We are often asked how to maintain your solar panels once they have been installed. It’s simple to maintain your energy-saving solar panel system once it is installed. We share our top tips for ensuring your panel performs at its best year after year.

Visually inspect Your System

Sometimes, you may be able to inspect your solar panel, looking for any visual defects. These are some of the most important things to look out for when inspecting your panels.

  • You should be looking out for cracks, chips and de-lamination. If you have any questions or concern about something you find on your panels, take a quick photo and send to your EFS Energy contact. We will be glad to clarify what you are looking at.
  • While some rust is acceptable, it’s important to note any bolts that appear loose or with excessive rust. These items might need to be replaced.

Be cautious when dealing with snow and ice

The Midwest is experiencing winter. Be sure to take your time and work safely when clearing snow and ice. If solar panels are on roofs, there may be a danger of them falling. It is best to let the snow and ice melt naturally. It is also important to ensure that your solar panels are not located on rooftops. Don’t walk on solar panels Never. You could slip on the surface and cause damage to your solar array.

Wash gently

How do you take great care of your solar panel? Use a gentle water rinse. You can wash your panels with water if you find any dirt or dust. You can wash your panels with water and a sponge, even if it has been a while since the last time you checked and maintained them. That’s all! It is easy to maintain your solar panels, which is one of the great benefits of going solar. EFS Energy offers solar repair and maintenance services if you have a problem with your solar panels. We will make sure that your system is producing as much solar energy as it can.

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